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Low VOC Paint

There is a lot of talk nowadays about “Going Green” and what can be done to help the environment as it relates to painting products.

For a safe  VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Interior paint product, we recommend Benjamin Moore Aura, which is a Waterborne Acrylic product.

aurapaint It is the highest grade of paint available of Benjamin Moore and is the most cleanable paint. It provides superior washability. With its “Color-Lock” technology, Aura paint resits scuffs, scratches, streaking, water spotting and is mildew resistant.

Note: VOC’s are the source of low level toxic emissions into the air, which is bad for the environment.  Older paints were manufactured with more petroleum-based solvents. Newer paints products are water-based products.

Details on VOC:

Paints and stains, to meet EPA standards, must not contain VOC’s in excess of 200 grams per liter.

As a general rule, low VOC paints marketed by reputable paint manufacturers usually meet the 50 grams per liter.
Aura is a “No-Voc” paint .

Because we know pricing is a concern for some customers, we offer an alternate environmentally-safe paint product to the Aura, which is the Ultra Spec paint. It is also  a “No-VOC” paint product. However, although the Lo-Sheen finish will clean up, it does not offer the excellent clean-up capability and washability that the Aura product does.



Paint Right Painting recommends the Matte finish for Aura for all walls.