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Lead Paint

Homes and Buildings Painted with Lead Paint

Effective April 22, 2010, new federal regulations went into effect in accordance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines on how homes and buildings built prior to 1978 can be painted, through the Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program (RRP). This applies to both Exterior and Interior painting. The reason for the program is primarily for the concern of children ingesting paint chips or dust that can then cause Lead Poisoning. This can affect the brain, nervous system, kidneys and blood. Not only can children be affected, but adults can too.

A painting company must be certified to work on these homes and buildings, and Paint-Right Painting is a certified company that has taken the proper training.

Certain procedures for removing, containment, and collecting of paint debris are necessary for both Interior and Exterior painting. Only an EPA Lead test, as performed by a certified company, can detect if your home or building has lead paint. Specific documentation and procedures are necessary to work on these homes and buildings.

P7260627 P7260628

The above photos show how scraping the paint can cause paint chips that need to be collected.


The above photo shows that on-the-job training by a certified painter who has taken the program is necessary for all workers on the project.

P7260619 P7260622

The above 2 photos show how areas need to be taped off and specific plastic needs to be put down for the work area.

Choosing a Certified painting company such as Paint-Right Painting is necessary for the safety of our children for work areas that contain lead paint.