Exterior Painting for 2020 is booked. Paint Right Painting is now quoting for Exterior Spring 2021. Additionally, we are quoting Interior Painting for Fall and Winter 2020/2021.

Interior Residential Services


( Note: We run our business seasonally, and only do Interior painting when we are not doing Exterior painting, which is typically October/early November until the end of March/ early April. We start bidding for Interior painting typically in October )

When you select Paint-Right Painting to paint the interior of your home, you are selecting a painting company with experienced Craftsmen who have 38 years of experience and are ready to meet all of your painting services needs.  For the Interior  of your home to be painted or stained, we want you to get to meet us in person so you get to talk to the family member contractor who actually will be on the job doing the actual work. After an initial phone conversation with Kathy Wright, the Sales representative, who will go over the phone with you of asking the details on what rooms and areas such as walls, ceilings, trim, etc are actually being painted  on the house, she then will set a convenient appointment with you to meet either Dan Wright,  who will be in charge of the project. He then will come to your home so you can discuss the project. You then can show him your rooms being done that Kathy and you discussed.  Dan will inspect your home, and then go back to the office where a formal proposal will be prepared. Kathy will then set a telephone meeting with you to discuss the project, proposal, and answer any questions that you have, and she will have emailed you the proposal the day before your appointment so you can discuss it over the phone.  Upon selecting us to do your project, we will then schedule a time to start the project that is mutually a convenient time.

Please refer to our Testimonials page and Video Testimonials to see what our many, many customers say about the performance of the work that we do.


“Paint-Right did such a clean and thorough job. I plan on using them for my next painting project.” – Lisa Jones, Aurora, IL

We provide the following interior painting services:

  • Painting of whole house or at least of a few rooms.
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Cabinet painting
  • Change from stained/varnished woodwork to a painted system
  • Drywall repair, priming and painting
  • Wallpaper removal (if done in conjunction with painting)

Before we start the project:

  • We will move all furniture for you.
  • We will use tarps everywhere. We first put a sheet of plastic over everything. Then we put a tarp over that. Then we put another tarp over everything.

Before we paint, we will do all the necessary repairs, such as:

  • Cracks- we will seal.
  • Holes- we will repair.
  • Any additional repairs, as needed and worked out ahead of time with the customer.

For painting the interior of your home, we will use only the best materials available, which are the Benjamin Moore/J.C. Licht Products, Sherwin Williams, or Farrow and Ball products. We will have worked with you to select the best finish for you for your walls, ceilings, and trim depending upon whether you have light reflected areas. Options available are: matte/low sheen, eggshell, flat, gloss or semi-gloss. We bring the color charts to your home for you to select the colors that you desire.

For your convenience, you do not need to be home when we paint in your home. Many customers let us in, in the morning, and go out to work/or on errands and then return at the end of the day. Of course, you can always remain at home when we are there, too.

At the completion of the job, the sales representative with Naperville based Paint-Right Painting Inc. will then come out to your home, to go over the project to ensure that the job meets or exceeds your expectations.  During the entire process, from start to finish, you will always be dealing with a family member of the business, who makes everything for you a smooth, simple, headache-free project.

To learn about the environmentally green paint products, please visit the Low VOC page. If you have an older home built prior to 1978, please see the Lead Paint Certification information.

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