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Exterior Residential Staining

As you consider selecting a painting company for the cedar staining of your home, you must be sure to select a company that utilizes a “hand/brush and roll” method as compared to a spraying method.

“Paint-Right painted our house like it was their own. The attention to detail and the quality was very professional. We wouldn’t choose anyone else.” (Summer ’97, Spring ’03 and Spring ‘09)
– The Pilkintons, Naperville, IL

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When we stain homes , we use the Hand/Brush and Roll method of painting for our applications.

With our method, there is more control, as far as uniformity of the coatings. Paint-Right Painting Company utilizes the “hand/brush and roll” method for all of our home projects. This method, is more labor intensive, and therefore will typically cost more than the spray method. However, our method will last longer and look more beautiful compared to the spray method.

For materials, we use only the best materials on the market today:

  • Stain: We use Sherwin Williams Solid Acrylic Stain, which is a self-priming stain, and thus typically does not require a primer.
  • Caulk-We use Sherwin Williams Powerhouse Silicone Acrylic Caulk, which is superior to the other caulks used. We have been using this caulk for many years, and this holds up better than any other caulks.

Our preparation includes:

  • Power washing (or hand cleaning, where applicable). All the excess dirt will be removed.
  • Scraping loose painted areas, spot priming bare painted areas, sanding rough painted areas-all the necessary prep work will make the job last longer.
  • All the necessary caulking where needed. This step is a must, which some other contractors will skip. This, again, will make the job last longer, so that the next time the house needs to be painted, less work will be involved, thus saving you money in the long run. This step, is however, very labor intensive.
  • Hand cleaning any molded areas. Note: other contractors will tell you that they can power wash the mold, but that will not remove the entire mold involved. Again, our process is very labor intensive. However, you will not see mold seeping through your paint job, which will happen if the mold is only power washed off.

Our stain jobs are always supervised by a family member of our company working on family’s homes. For cedar stain jobs, we also are typically on the job longer doing the prep work, such as necessary scraping and caulking that other painting companies will not do as they “cut corners on” your project.   Your home is your investment, and you want to be sure you have only a quality job done.

The systems we use were developed over decades of searching for the best method to apply the coatings use of the best materials. Only by selecting Paint-Right Painting Inc., will you receive a job performed by Craftsmen with superior expertise and years of experience, along with proven methods that only a company with many years of experience can provide for you.