Exterior Painting for 2020 is booked. Paint Right Painting is now quoting for Exterior Spring 2021. Additionally, we are quoting Interior Painting for Fall and Winter 2020/2021.

Commercial Services

Paint-Right Painting Inc. has been providing painting and staining services to the commercial industry beginning 40  years ago, when we started out painting insides of apartments. After five years, we phased out doing insides of apartments and expanded our services into interior/exterior projects such as factories, colleges, restaurants, municipal work, offices, town home associations and condos. More recently, we have been working with Commercial Real Estate companies on projects for their clients.

As a family owned and operated company, the president, John Wright, is either on the project doing the painting or directly supervising the project. Also working with John is family member, Dan Wright, with 35 years of experience. Additionally working is Mike Sayers, John’s son-in-law, a 2nd generation to the business.

During the busy seasons of spring/summer, we also hire seasonal employees who are experienced and qualified. We do not hire inexperienced “college painters”.  Our painters have a minimum of a) 2 years of Apprentice grade or b) 10 years’ experience for Journeymen grade in this business. You will not have an inexperienced person painting your project who basically “learns as he goes”. All of our painters are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and have their references checked by Kathy Wright, who’s formal education was in the field of Human Resources.

Following are the primary types of services that we provide for our commercial customers:
Exterior-Staining cedar siding
Exterior-Painting trim
Exterior-Deck staining ( in conjunction with painting the homes of an Association project)
Interior Common areas such as hallways and stairwells
Industrial projects working with epoxy coatings

After receiving your specs or bid package, we will then prepare a formal, detailed proposal for you that the sales representative will hand deliver to you to answer and discuss any questions you may have. The president, John Wright, who has been bidding projects for 35 years, personally bids all of these projects. Paint-Right Painting Inc. excels in knowledge of current applications and coatings that not only last, but also are properly applied to achieve the look that attracts customers to the association’s property and tenants to an owner’s offices. If formal specs are not available for us to quote on, we will work with the client based on the client’s requirements for the project.

For materials, we use Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Solid Acrylic Stain, and Sherwin Williams Duration Flat and Satin for painting of exteriors, or else Benjamin Moore products if spec’d out.  For interiors, we use the Benjamin Moore products. Of course, if a different material requirement is part of the specs, we will work with the customer on that request for the specific material, as long as it meets our high standards.

After choosing Paint-Right Painting for the project, the customer’s request for certain scheduling will be accommodated as much as possible. The sales representative will be in constant contact with the customer to ensure that all needs are being met.  The client will never have to “chase down the owner” that doesn’t return phone calls. The client will always be able to reach the sales representative who maintains regular office hours and is available by phone or cell phone.

When choosing Paint-Right Painting for a project…from the start of the project to the finish, the customer will always be working with a family member of the business.

Please refer to our Projects page to see some of the specific commercial painting projects that we have done.