Why Choosing an Experienced Contractor/Painting Co. is Important

Sometimes homeowners are just looking at the cost of the paint quote, when searching for a painting company, which is not good to do. Going with the “cheap” price often hurts in the long run. Here are some reasons as to why. We know of these reasons , as our current customers who “went cheap” the time before we painted for them, have told us these stories:

  1. The house started peeling all over 1 or 2 years after the paint job was done. This is because the proper preparation schedule for that particular house was not done properly. Every house has its individual needs.
  2. Mistakes were made on the job. The painting company was supposed to come back and fix them, and they never returned calls or showed up again. Note: Mistakes should not have been made in the first place.
  3. None of the painters spoke English and couldn’t understand anything the homeowner asked them. This is because many of the well-known franchise companies, as well as many small cheap companies hire cheap, unskilled laborers, many of which cannot speak English and pay them low wages.
  4. Often, painters would show up only for partial days, or not show up for days at a time, dragging out how long the job should take. Many of these companies take on too much work, and promise start and finish dates that they shouldn’t have. Now they have to do several jobs at the same time to get all these houses done and they subcontract out the work.

There is an old saying, ” You get what you pay for”….and this is very true in the painting industry. It is to the benefit of the homeowner, to often go with a more expensive company, to get highly skilled craftsmen doing the job, instead of the cheap, inexperienced laborers who can often ruin a house.