Exterior Painting for 2020 is booked. Paint Right Painting is now quoting for Exterior Spring 2021. Additionally, we are quoting Interior Painting for Fall and Winter 2020/2021.

Carpentry/Wood Replacement for Exterior Homes

Paint-Right Painting Inc., Painting and Home Services can provide Carpentry and Wood Replacement to needed areas and needs of your home. Established in Naperville, we are a 40 year old Family Owned and Operated painting company providing services to the Residential Market in the DuPage, Will, Kane county areas, as well as the city of Chicago. All of our painters are employees. We do not hire sub-contractors.

You do not have to work with multiple contractors for painting and for carpentry. Paint Right Painting, with Painting and Home Services, can provide both Painting and Carpentry/Wood Replacement services to you.

We are a fully insured company with general liability and workman’s compensation.

When we come to inspect your home for painting, we will also do a thorough inspection from the ground of the condition of the wood on the house too.

When deciding to paint your home’s Exterior, make sure to ask for any wood replacement costs to be listed on the proposal as an additional amount.

We note on our proposals possible areas of Carpentry/Wood Replacement that the homeowner may want addressed or worse areas which will need replacing. Most areas are for rotted or cupped/warped/cracked siding boards/trim boards, window/door frames, and window sills.

The damage can be a result of heat, water intrusion, insect infestation, animals, birds, landscaping. Ignoring these problems could cause further more serious problems. Your home is an investment- treat it as such and take care of these areas, as needed, when they present themselves.

So choose the Professionals to take care of your Carpentry/Wood Replacement with over 40 years in business where a Family Member from beginning to end that you can trust will be on the project supervising or doing the actual services.  The end result will be the best it can be and exceed your expectations!