Exterior Painting for 2020 is booked. Paint Right Painting is now quoting for Exterior Spring 2021. Additionally, we are quoting Interior Painting for Fall and Winter 2020/2021.

Interior Painting for the Holidays

How to Make your Holiday Entertaining it’s Best this Upcoming Season!

There is so much that goes into hosting a holiday with all the necessary preparations, but one very important detail to keep in mind is having your rooms that you entertain in look fresh, updated , and beautiful. The lovely china laid out on the dining room table, needs to be shown in a room that is warm, and inviting, with freshly updated colors that are pleasing to the eye. Take this opportunity to make your guests feel delighted to be a part of this special event. You have so many great choices from the vast palate of the Benjamin Moore color fan deck. We will personally drop it off at your door so that you can simply select your choices right in the comfort of your own home. Once that is done, we highly recommend you then go to the J.C. Licht/Benjamin Moore paint store, to get samples of the colors that you choose, so you can test the color in a very small area, before we paint the rooms. This will ensure that it is the exact color that you want for your home. Let this holiday season be the start of having your home look as beautiful as it can be, with your newly painted rooms for your guest’s enjoyment, as well as your own!


You don’t have to settle for old, red brick on either your Exterior of your home, or for your Interior Fireplace. Many homeowners are updating the brick on the Exterior, or partial brick on the front of the Exterior, and changing the color to a more updated white, off white, or even light gray such as the photo below. Having the right painting company do the work, with the right application process, is very important. Not only is the specific Materials used important, but also having highly skilled painters/ painting contractors doing the work is a must.

Changing the outdated red brick Fireplace is another option that homeowners have. Not only does it look like a brand new fireplace, it also brightens up the room when a white or off-white color is used, such as the photo below.

Dont “settle” for what you have, either when you buy a new home, or when you have lived in the home for many years. A facelift does wonders for the appearance, and you will love to show this off to your friends and family members.