Painting Exterior Brick on a Home

Many homeowners of Cedar Sided homes have a brick front/ or partial brick on their home, and want to create a “WOW” Factor when the house is up for a new painting/staining. This us usually done to take a darker colored brick to go lighter. Most often, white is used on the brick. However, it can be a tan or gray color, or another color to match the siding.

There are some situations, however, that we prefer not to paint the brick. The first is when their is noted water damage to the brick, which you can tell by seeing water stains on the brick in areas. Another situation is when there is efflorescence, which is water in the brick, that evaporates, and then leaves crystalline salts on the brick. The final situation where we prefer not to paint the brick is when there are problems with the tuck-pointing falling apart.

In the above situations, you may want to hire a  company that stains the bricks instead. However, it won’t be a solid, uniform, consistent look such as the painted look.

Painting the brick is usually a 3 step process of a primer, and 2 topcoats of a flat paint that is good for masonry surfaces.  You want to ensure it has a uniform, consistent finish, which is why a hand application as opposed to spraying is the best way for the project to be done.


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