Is It Too Late To Paint Your Exterior?

Around the end of August, the season begins to change. The sun doesn’t shine as much during the day, and the temperature goes from the mid 90’s to the high 70’s. During this change people don’t seem to question whether or not it is the appropriate temperature to paint the exterior of their home. It is common to think that if it is still warm enough to be comfortable outside, than the weather is perfect for painting. But what about when those warm days begin to dwindle away? What about the days when you can see your breath outside, and the sky is filled with clouds? When is it no longer an option during the season, to paint the exterior of your home?

During the beginning of the fall season, painting companies begin to get a lot of calls from customers who forgot to paint their home during the summer, but would still like it done before winter arrives. The most common question that we get is, “Is it too cold to paint outside?”. The answer to that question isn’t as complicated as people might believe.

When it comes to the exterior painting season, it’s not really a question of, “Will the paint work?”, but it is more of a question of, “Are these current environmental factors going to effect this job?”. When you are painting the exterior of a home later in the fall, you not only have to consider the temperature outside, but also the temperature at which the workers can work their best. No matter what temperature the product you’re using will hold at, it won’t do you any good if it is no longer a safe temperature to work in.

The bottom line is, if you’re considering painting your home during the fall season, even if it is a little cold outside, as long as weather permits it, and it is safe for the workers to be in that temperature, do not hesitate to get an estimate. Fall is a great time to paint the exterior of your home before the holidays arrive.