Hiring the Right Painting Contractor for your Home

Hiring the right painting contractor to paint the Exterior of your home can be a difficult task if you are new at having your house stained/painted. Here are some following tips/guidelines:

  • A referral is always one of the best ways to hire, when you can talk to someone who previously used their services.
  • A good contractor has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. You should be concerned if you do a search of the particular contractor and they don’t even come up as listed with the BBB.
  • Excellent Reviews on Angie’s List is another good indication that the contractor is well-established and knows what they are doing.
  • A large number of website testimonials is also a plus when searching for a contractor. Testimonials should have first and last names of the people writing the testimonial.
  • Many photos of their work on their website is also a good indicator of a company with a good history.
  • Do a Google search for any negative on-line reviews that might show the contractor has a poor track record.
  • Contractors who belong to local Chamber of Commerce’s are typically in good standing in their local community.
  • Painting contractors who hire employees, vs. sub-contractors typically have more quality control in their work as opposed to the many, many nowadays type painting companies that sub out their work because they take too much on.
  • Always receive a formal proposal in writing from the contractor with complete details on the scope of the work and what Materials are being used. The proposal should always have a 1st and 2nd coat priced separately. There is no way to know ahead of time if the 1st coat will completely cover, so you should always have in writing what the cost of the 2nd coat would be, if it needs to be applied.

So do your research first to be sure you are hiring the best. And it’s always good to go with your “gut feeling” when you meet the company too: Are they professional? Did they arrive on time for the appointment? Did they take the time to fully explain what the job entails, specific to your house? You need to feel comfortable and have  confidence in who you choose to do the work on your home, and doing a little background history research on the company will definitely make a difference in choosing the right contractor to paint/stain your home.