Highlighting our President, John Wright in a personal interview

As part of our series of blogs of highlighting our employees, we would like to share now an interview with the President of Paint-Right Painting, John Wright.

1)What would you say is the biggest change in your industry that you have seen over your 38 years in business?

“The amount of different colors of paint that you can now get is incredible. It is about 1000% better now in the number of choices that you have, and the paints themselves are better in many ways, especially the Acrylics. The downside is losing all the oil-based coatings because they were great products, but that is a result of the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) restrictions.”

2)What do you feel separates your company from the rest of the competition?

“That we are Family Owned and Operated, which means exactly what it says. We are different than the bigger companies, that lose customer quality and the quality control is gone. As far as the little guys- they are limited to what they can do because they are only 1 person. The level of expertise has gotten bad, especially in the last 10 years.”

3)What are you most proud of about your business?

“That we are a legitimate W2 payer ( which means everyone who works for us are our employees), and not sub-contractors, and most other companies are 1099 payers ( for sub-contractors), and the owners of the companies don’t even do the work.

4)Tell us something personal about yourself that you would like to share.

“I love being immersed in Nature, and being Balanced, and in Harmony with the Natural World.”