Highlighting our employee, Tony Smith

Paint-Right Painting Inc. is pleased to introduce one of our long-term, dedicated employees, Tony Smith. Tony started with us back in 2008, and we will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary with us just after the 1st of the year! Tony came to us through John and Kathy’s son, Chris Wright, who has been painting for us for 12 years now. Tony is one of our best employees, and has gained  the knowledge and skills of the painting industry through his dedicated , hard work, and eagerness to learn the business.

On a personal note on Tony, he is also very talented at painting on canvas too, selling his artwork through on line, as well as shows that he attends. The show he features his work at is the MightyCon , which is held at the Dupage County Fairgrounds. If you want to log in to his Facebook Group, you can visit: “Art by Tony “FOUR” Smith”.

Below is a photo of Tony, along with some of his artwork. Tony resides in Naperville.


Thank you , Tony , for all your hard work over the past 9+ years and for helping make Paint-Right Painting Inc. become one of the best painting companies in the area!