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Deck staining done right

We always recommend using Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Solid Acrylic Stain for the best protection of your deck. We stain Decks if we are staining/painting the whole house . We always recommend using a Solid Acrylic Stain, as opposed to a Semi-Trans stain for your deck to look better and last longer. With a Solid Acrylic Stain, you can use the same color that you are using on your house, or you can go with a totally different color for the deck. All the choices of colors that you have for your house can also be used for your Deck, along with some other colors that come in the SuperDeck brochure.

We are often asked ” How often should you stain the deck?”. That all depends on the Deck, along with the weather conditions and the foot traffic on the Deck. Because of the foot traffic, a Deck is often stained more that a house is stained. A typical house is done every 5-7 years to be on the best maintenance schedule. We occasionally , though, need to do the Decks for our customers more often, possibly every few years. Many of our customers, though, only do their Decks when they are doing their house staining.

Is there a ROI on painting the Exterior of your home?

According to a Seller Survey by HomeGain on Top DIY Home Improvements, painting the Exterior leads to a 55% ROI. The Exterior of your home is the first thing sellers will see. Curb appeal is extremely important.

Jennie Norris, Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, however, recommends that you leave it to the Professionals to do the job, however. She says that you don’t want to use too many colors on the Exterior. A variety of colors can be distracting and make the house appear choppy or smaller- distracting the buyers eye. Typically, 3 colors is the most that you want to do. She recommends using the 60-30-10 percentage rule. 60% is the body, 30% is the Garage doors and Trim, and the final 10% is the front/shutters with just a pop of color.

However, even if you are not planning to sell your home, it’s important to keep up on the maintenance of your home. Typically, a cedar sided home is done every 5-7 years. The signs of when your home needs to be done would be: Peeling, chipping, cracked wood, fading, and rotted wood. Also, if the caulking is bad, such as cracked and loose.

Your home is typically your largest investment. You need to protect your investment wisely.