Painting Exterior Brick on a Home

Many homeowners of Cedar Sided homes have a brick front/ or partial brick on their home, and want to create a “WOW” Factor when the house is up for a new painting/staining. This us usually done to take a darker colored brick to go lighter. Most often, white is used on the brick. However, it can be a tan or gray color, or another color to match the siding.

There are some situations, however, that we prefer not to paint the brick. The first is when their is noted water damage to the brick, which you can tell by seeing water stains on the brick in areas. Another situation is when there is efflorescence, which is water in the brick, that evaporates, and then leaves crystalline salts on the brick. The final situation where we prefer not to paint the brick is when there are problems with the tuck-pointing falling apart.

In the above situations, you may want to hire a  company that stains the bricks instead. However, it won’t be a solid, uniform, consistent look such as the painted look.

Painting the brick is usually a 3 step process of a primer, and 2 topcoats of a flat paint that is good for masonry surfaces.  You want to ensure it has a uniform, consistent finish, which is why a hand application as opposed to spraying is the best way for the project to be done.


Referral Rewards Program for 2018

Here are the Contest Rules/Requirements for our Referral Rewards Program for 2018:

  1. For every Referral you give us that goes forward with the painting ( small Handyman projects are not eligible. We refer those projects to a Handyman/Painter), you will receive a $50.00 Visa Gift Card, when that customer project ends.
  2. If you give us at least 2 Referrals that go forward, you are entered into The End of Year Contest, and if there is a tie for the number of Referrals that go forward, there will be a drawing at the end of the year to win a $500.00 Visa Gift Card.
  3. Winner agrees to be announced in Paint-Right Painting Facebook posts and email Newsletter.

We appreciate Referrals, and like to thank our customers this way!

Interview with Tacoma WA owner, Chris Wright

Now that the WA location is up and running, we would like you to get to know Chris Wright, son of IL President John Wright and VP-Sales and Marketing Kathy Wright. Chris was with the IL company location for 11 years before relocating to Tacoma to build the WA location in 2016.

1) What inspired you to go to WA and start the new Paint-Right Painting location?

“More work opportunity out here.”

2) How, for painting, is WA different than IL?

“For exterior painting, no one brushes and rolls – everyone sprays. With our method of brush/roll, you have more control and apply more paint. You are not wasting materials by spraying it into the air. You need to back roll over the wood by pushing the paint into the wood, or it can lead to failing.”

3) What is the most important thing to communicate to homeowners about painting their home?

“Use professionals.”

4) What do you think separates you from the rest of the painting companies in WA?

“The painting methods used back in IL (at home) have been proven to work. We have the ability to brush and roll the house exterior in almost the same amount of time it takes to spray a house.”

5)On a personal note, what do you enjoy most about living in the WA area now?

“The ability to drive about an hour and be in the middle of the mountains and the lakes.”

Pictured is Chris relaxing at his new home recently purchased in Tacoma:

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