Why Choosing an Experienced Contractor/Painting Co. is Important

Sometimes homeowners are just looking at the cost of the paint quote, when searching for a painting company, which is not good to do. Going with the “cheap” price often hurts in the long run. Here are some reasons as to why. We know of these reasons , as our current customers who “went cheap” the time before we painted for them, have told us these stories:

  1. The house started peeling all over 1 or 2 years after the paint job was done. This is because the proper preparation schedule for that particular house was not done properly. Every house has its individual needs.
  2. Mistakes were made on the job. The painting company was supposed to come back and fix them, and they never returned calls or showed up again. Note: Mistakes should not have been made in the first place.
  3. None of the painters spoke English and couldn’t understand anything the homeowner asked them. This is because many of the well-known franchise companies, as well as many small cheap companies hire cheap, unskilled laborers, many of which cannot speak English and pay them low wages.
  4. Often, painters would show up only for partial days, or not show up for days at a time, dragging out how long the job should take. Many of these companies take on too much work, and promise start and finish dates that they shouldn’t have. Now they have to do several jobs at the same time to get all these houses done and they subcontract out the work.

There is an old saying, ” You get what you pay for”….and this is very true in the painting industry. It is to the benefit of the homeowner, to often go with a more expensive company, to get highly skilled craftsmen doing the job, instead of the cheap, inexperienced laborers who can often ruin a house.


Highlighting our Newest Employee, Mike Sayers

Paint-Right Painting Inc. is pleased to introduce to everyone our newest employee who came on board two exterior seasons ago, Mike Sayers. Mike started part time with us and became a full time employee last spring season. Mike now is working under our President John Wright, as well as family member Dan Wright, John’s brother who has been with the company 34 years.

Mike’s work consists of all the necessary steps in applying coatings for exterior and interior painting.  We wanted everyone to get to know Mike a little bit better by having him answer the following questions in a recent interview with Kathy Wright, V.P. Sales and Marketing.

  1. What is the most interesting thing you have learned by becoming a painter?
    I never knew that there were several different types of paint for the painting business.
  2. What is the most difficult part of painting for you?
    Right now, it’s rolling out ceilings.
  3. What tip would you give to someone first learning to be a painter?
    Ask plenty of questions, and take things one at a time.
  4. Which do you prefer- Interior or Exterior Painting, and why?
    I prefer Interior. It is more detail -based  and slower paced.

We would like to thank Mike for all of his hard work and welcome him as a full-time member of the Paint-Right Painting Team!  Here’s a photo of Mike working at a customer’s home:

2016 Referral Rewards Program Winner Receives $1,000!

The 2016 Referral Rewards Program winner has been announced! Natalie A. received a $1,000.00 Visa Cards for her two referrals who contracted and completed a job with Paint Right Painting, Inc. during 2016.

2016 Referral Rewards Program Winner wins $1,000 Visa Gift CardNatalie is truly one of our best customers. She has used Paint Right Painting, Inc to paint her former home’s interior and exterior, and we are currently completing an interior painting project for the new Naperville home she recently moved into with her husband Joe and family.


The Paint Right Painting Referral Rewards Program is back again for 2017! Our last two winners each gave 2 referrals and were able to win BIG money on a Visa gift card.

How the Referral Rewards Program Works: For every referral that completes a job with Paint Right Painting, we give you a $50 Visa gift card. At the end of the year, the customer with the most referrals receives a $1,000 Visa Gift Card!

*please note: program is for interior or exterior paint jobs ONLY. Small handyman referrals do not count towards the Referral Rewards Program.

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