Considering Wallpapering your home? Read this for a heads up on the subject.

Everything in our world seems cyclical. Wait long enough and it comes back around.

Wallpaper is back in vogue. It actually has been popular for several years, but now is getting a lot of attention by the Interior Designers and magazines on decorating. Yes it is expensive, but today most everything is! You can look through magazines, look on line , and also you should consider hiring a consultant. You can call your local paint stores and ask if they offer a decorator consultant and you will be happy that you did.

Once the ball is rolling and you have ordered your paper, get the tools you need and a guide to help you through. Remember, though, the magazines show you the end result. There is a lot of work to get to that point. If you do not want to tackle the job yourself, consider hiring it out to a local decorator. You need to make sure that who you hire is experienced with the new wall coverings  that are in vogue. These  wall coverings are different than the ones from years ago. You need to get referrals, check the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ) on line, and also online Google Reviews. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sub standard contractors- so ” Buyer Beware”.

The most important aspect of having this work done will be the wall preparation. It is imperative that all repairs are done 1st, sanded, and primed. Then all areas to be wallpapered must be sealed/sized properly so that when you decide to remove the wall covering, it comes off . Generally, it isn’t easy. Verify with the contractor who is putting it up, or with the store that sells you the paper, that this paper will come off, and you should have that in writing from them.

You have to understand that if it’s not put on correctly, your walls can and will get damaged when removing the paper. It can cost a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars to remove. It if is prepped properly when it is put on, and no short cuts are taken, the stripping will be acceptable, but also it still won’t be easy. That is what you have to expect when you have wallpaper. So think about this seriously if you decide to do wallpaper. Decorating trends come and go, and if you stay in your home, down the road you may decide that you do not want the wallpaper anymore.

So who is actually painting your house?

Here’s some facts: There are over 500,000 Illegal Immigrants in Illinois, and 300,000 in Chicago alone, with the balance in the collar counties. Many painting companies hire these people, who have no painting skills, and are sub-par workers, but they are paid cheap wages and the painting company then gives the customer a low price.

Many painting companies sub out their work, and do no background checks on people, so that there is no quality control of who is doing the work, and you actually let these people come into your home.

It’s important to do a good background check on the painting company you choose. Checking Angies List, Google reviews, and website testimonials are good starts. It is important to check the BBB ( Better Business Bureau), but not just look at the rating of the business (A-F). Many companies have high ratings, in the “B or A” category, but they have lots of complaints on them that were resolved, so the BBB still gives them a high rating. Do you really want to work with a painting company that had a number of complaints against them that needed to be filed?

It is also good to work with a painting company who is also a Member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Having good standing in the local business community is always important as well.

Franchise companies should be steered away from as well. These are typically owned by business owners, who buy into a business, but have no proper painting experience.

It is important to do a little research on who you choose to do the project for you.

Highlighting our employee, Tony Smith

Paint-Right Painting Inc. is pleased to introduce one of our long-term, dedicated employees, Tony Smith. Tony started with us back in 2008, and we will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary with us just after the 1st of the year! Tony came to us through John and Kathy’s son, Chris Wright, who has been painting for us for 12 years now. Tony is one of our best employees, and has gained  the knowledge and skills of the painting industry through his dedicated , hard work, and eagerness to learn the business.

On a personal note on Tony, he is also very talented at painting on canvas too, selling his artwork through on line, as well as shows that he attends. The show he features his work at is the MightyCon , which is held at the Dupage County Fairgrounds. If you want to log in to his Facebook Group, you can visit: “Art by Tony “FOUR” Smith”.

Below is a photo of Tony, along with some of his artwork. Tony resides in Naperville.


Thank you , Tony , for all your hard work over the past 9+ years and for helping make Paint-Right Painting Inc. become one of the best painting companies in the area!

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