Is there a ROI on painting the Exterior of your home?

According to a Seller Survey by HomeGain on Top DIY Home Improvements, painting the Exterior leads to a 55% ROI. The Exterior of your home is the first thing sellers will see. Curb appeal is extremely important.

Jennie Norris, Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, however, recommends that you leave it to the Professionals to do the job, however. She says that you don’t want to use too many colors on the Exterior. A variety of colors can be distracting and make the house appear choppy or smaller- distracting the buyers eye. Typically, 3 colors is the most that you want to do. She recommends using the 60-30-10 percentage rule. 60% is the body, 30% is the Garage doors and Trim, and the final 10% is the front/shutters with just a pop of color.

However, even if you are not planning to sell your home, it’s important to keep up on the maintenance of your home. Typically, a cedar sided home is done every 5-7 years. The signs of when your home needs to be done would be: Peeling, chipping, cracked wood, fading, and rotted wood. Also, if the caulking is bad, such as cracked and loose.

Your home is typically your largest investment. You need to protect your investment wisely.

Using the Right Finish on Interior Painting

One important part of the painting process for Interior Painting is knowing the correct finish to use when painting walls, trim, and ceilings. For walls, it is very important not to use too high of a finish. The lowest finish available in most paint products is a Flat. The next highest is a Matte, or some paint brands refer to it also as Low Sheen. From there, it goes up to an Eggshell, and next highest is often a Semi-Gloss. Different finishes have different purposes , besides just the look. A flat finish will hide the best for any imperfections in the walls ( this has nothing to do with the paint job. It is with the construction or wearing -divots, nail pops, previous drips from other painters, cracks, bad drywall work, bad construction of the walls where you can see all the seams, etc) . A flat is also recommended where you have light reflected walls, or walls that get a lot of direct sunlight, with large areas as such. That is because if you use too high of a sheen, you can get a “flashing” problem, where when you look down the wall, you can see the stops and starts of the rollers or brushes. A Matte or Low Sheen is what we recommend for most walls, as it has a slight sheen which looks nice, but most importantly, it cleans up better than a flat. Sometimes an Eggshell is used for Bathrooms and Kitchens, which are the rooms that would get the most wear/ marks on the walls. However, we feel the products we use ( Benjamin Moore Aura or Ultra Spec, or Sherwin Williams Emerald), have a good Matte or Low Sheen that is sufficient. Again, if you go too high of a sheen, you can have problems. For trim, you should not use regular wall paint in a semi-gloss, which is what some painting companies do. We recommend an enamel is used instead, such as the Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Waterborne. Finally, on ceilings, the only finish we recommend is Flat, so that you do not see any flashing. Choosing the right painting company that has the years of experience to know about these finishes is important.

Guidance from a Professional Color Consultant

Many homeowners struggle with moving forward on taking on a project for the home of having their house painted because the thought of selecting all the colors for the rooms can be overwhelming. However, the resources are out there to help you with the whole project. Sherwin Williams Paint Stores have professional Color Consultants on staff who will take you through the process of choosing the right colors for your rooms.

Of course you can use on line assistance of Social Media sites like Pinterest to get ideas, but nothing compares to having a professional come into your home and help you select your colors that compliment your existing fabrics and decor in your home.

Paint-Right Painting , for large-scale projects, will help you with the cost of the color consult as well, when you choose us to do the project for you. The consult typical time is up to 90 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to walk around your home with the consultant and get ideas.

So don’t put off getting your outdated and marked up walls in your rooms updated with new color schemes and current trend colors. Contact your local Sherwin Williams store after talking with us about painting your home.

Pictured below is Kathy Wright/V.P. Sales and Marketing with Sherwin Williams area Color Consultants, Sharae, Naja, Maria , Yvonne, and Naperville Store manager, Rob.