Highlighting our employee, Dan Wright, celebrating 35 years of service!

Paint-Right Painting Inc. is pleased to announce and congratulate employee Dan Wright (brother of owner John Wright) for reaching and celebrating his 35th year anniversary with the company. Dan is considered a painting contractor with Paint-Right as he bids, paints, and supervises all his own exterior painting projects during the exterior season, which runs from April through October. Dan then works with John and the rest of the family members and crew on the interior projects that are done November through March. Dan started bidding his own projects in 1994. Dan has painted many customers repeatedly over the years, and his repeat customers often just give a go-ahead to paint, even before they receive new quotes for the project. Right now, Dan has a number of exterior customers who have given the go-ahead to paint this 2018 exterior season, and Dan has not even bid the projects yet.  That alone is proof of the quality work that he does.

To give you a better insight and understanding of Dan’s history, he was interviewed by  Kathy Wright, V.P. Sales and Marketing, and Dan answered the following questions:

1) What do you think is your best quality, as a painting contractor for Paint-Right Painting: 

I get the job done within the timeframe that I state it will be done. I am very responsible and serious about my craft. I don’t take my craft lightly.”

2) What one thing do you most enjoy about your work?

“I did the best I could do on each job to make sure that it turns out the best it can be.”

3) What piece of advice would you give to a new painter starting out in your trade?

“Learn everything you can about your craft. You never stop learning.”

4) What do you like to do in your spare time?

“Going fishing!”

5) What are you most proud of in your career?

“That my brother, John, and I have been working together, side by side, for 35 years.”

Paint-Right Painting Inc. would like to thank Dan for all his years of dedicated service, and for giving the company the excellent reputation that it has because of the quality work that he does. Following is a picture of Dan painting during a current interior commercial project for a condo association’s interior doors:

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2017 End of Year Rewards Contest

A big Congratulations to Milissa Goeden for winning our End of Year Referral Rewards Program Contest. At the end of the year, whoever has given us the most referrals that went forward with signing contracts becomes  the Grand Prize Winner of  $1000.00 in Visa Gift Cards. If there is a tie, then we draw for a winner. Milissa was drawn as the winner of our 2017 Rewards Program.

Not only do all customers who refer us that have their referral go forward with the work get to receive at $50.00 Gift Card, but they also get to be entered into the End of Year Contest as well.

Milissa and her husband , Rich, have been longtime regular customers of Paint-Right Painting, having had their Exterior painted a number of times over the many years, and also having us paint their  Interior , as well. We cherish repeat customers like Milissa and Rich , who not only use our services, but tell their friends and neighbors to have us paint for them too. Milissa referred her neighbors down the street who were painting their Exterior  this past season. The job turned out great, and we received many compliments from our new customer.

Thank you, Milissa and Rich, for your services over the many years, and we hope you get to do something fun with that extra $1000.00 now!

Considering Wallpapering your home? Read this for a heads up on the subject.

Everything in our world seems cyclical. Wait long enough and it comes back around.

Wallpaper is back in vogue. It actually has been popular for several years, but now is getting a lot of attention by the Interior Designers and magazines on decorating. Yes it is expensive, but today most everything is! You can look through magazines, look on line , and also you should consider hiring a consultant. You can call your local paint stores and ask if they offer a decorator consultant and you will be happy that you did.

Once the ball is rolling and you have ordered your paper, get the tools you need and a guide to help you through. Remember, though, the magazines show you the end result. There is a lot of work to get to that point. If you do not want to tackle the job yourself, consider hiring it out to a local decorator. You need to make sure that who you hire is experienced with the new wall coverings  that are in vogue. These  wall coverings are different than the ones from years ago. You need to get referrals, check the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ) on line, and also online Google Reviews. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sub standard contractors- so ” Buyer Beware”.

The most important aspect of having this work done will be the wall preparation. It is imperative that all repairs are done 1st, sanded, and primed. Then all areas to be wallpapered must be sealed/sized properly so that when you decide to remove the wall covering, it comes off . Generally, it isn’t easy. Verify with the contractor who is putting it up, or with the store that sells you the paper, that this paper will come off, and you should have that in writing from them.

You have to understand that if it’s not put on correctly, your walls can and will get damaged when removing the paper. It can cost a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars to remove. It if is prepped properly when it is put on, and no short cuts are taken, the stripping will be acceptable, but also it still won’t be easy. That is what you have to expect when you have wallpaper. So think about this seriously if you decide to do wallpaper. Decorating trends come and go, and if you stay in your home, down the road you may decide that you do not want the wallpaper anymore.

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