So who is actually painting your house?

Here’s some facts: There are over 500,000 Illegal Immigrants in Illinois, and 300,000 in Chicago alone, with the balance in the collar counties. Many painting companies hire these people, who have no painting skills, and are sub-par workers, but they are paid cheap wages and the painting company then gives the customer a low price.

Many painting companies sub out their work, and do no background checks on people, so that there is no quality control of who is doing the work, and you actually let these people come into your home.

It’s important to do a good background check on the painting company you choose. Checking Angies List, Google reviews, and website testimonials are good starts. It is important to check the BBB ( Better Business Bureau), but not just look at the rating of the business (A-F). Many companies have high ratings, in the “B or A” category, but they have lots of complaints on them that were resolved, so the BBB still gives them a high rating. Do you really want to work with a painting company that had a number of complaints against them that needed to be filed?

It is also good to work with a painting company who is also a Member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Having good standing in the local business community is always important as well.

Franchise companies should be steered away from as well. These are typically owned by business owners, who buy into a business, but have no proper painting experience.

It is important to do a little research on who you choose to do the project for you.